Software and equipment management

Innovative software and production management solutions is one of the most popular topics at the annual trade fair INNOPROM in Yekaterinburg. This event always attracts attention of experts, mass media, officials and general public by being the largest-scale and status platform for learning about new releases in the industrial equipment market and new technologies for improving manufacturing efficiency.

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From 6 to 9 July in IEC Ekaterinburg-Expo representatives from Russian all real economy sectors and other 96 countries will gather. One of the key topics within the INNOPROM.METALWORKING exposition in 2nd exhibition hall is software, automatization and production management systems. Representatives from leading developers companies and research centers will present programs providing solutions for various tasks on organization, setting and control of technological processes.

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Software in manufacturing

The main ahead of both big concerns and small companies is optimization and improving production efficiency. Automatization is an essential stage every company willing to maintain its position and retain market share in the long-term goes through. Implementing automated solutions together with hardware and software for equipment managing is possible in the whole production cycle as well as in separate parts. Practice shows that even partial adoption of management information systems opens new development and company’s competitiveness improvement perspectives.
Advantages of manufacturing automation:

  • Improved profitability
  • Control of output products’ compliance with required quality standards
  • Improved production speed and intensity
  • Reduced labor costs and human resource redirection
  • Reduced dependency on labor market situation
  • Minimized risks related to human factor
  • Flexible resetting in switching to the new production launching new lines
  • Rapid response to the market demands
  • Improved economic efficiency and competitiveness

Numerical control machine tools managing software
One of the asked-for software solutions, presented at the exposition, is developing managing programs for numerical control machine tools. These machine tools are used in each metalworking, cutting, casting, pressing and punching enterprise. They are made to guarantee continuous series production cycle of standard items and workpieces matching provided parameters and sizes. This software kind does not remove the need for manual labor – all technical parameters are entered by specialists before each machine tool run.

Preparation of managing program for numerical control machine tool includes

  • Output item drawing analyses
  • Technological process setting, selection of processing mode, cutting tools and attachments
  • Selection of parameters for fastening the workpiece on the machine tool working surface
  • Item’s coordinate system setting and choosing starting points
  • Reference points setting, calculation and movement pattern settings
  • Numerical coding of all data
  • Recording on program carrier, editing and final debugging of the program
  • Machine tool launch and monitoring of work

However, software developments for metalworking move further and in recent years emerge more and more software solutions integrated with automated systems and conveyers. Innovative computer and information systems can control the whole process including unloading, loading and moving items between conveyer lines with help of robotic manipulators in remote mode (from dispatcher’s office or operator’s room).
Functionality of modern equipment managing systems

  • Rapid prototyping and three-dimensional modelling of output products
  • Planning and managing total production according to incoming orders accounting (integration with CRM systems)
  • Selection and control of output products parameters
  • Control and managing the work of entire manufacturing complex
  • Analysis and minimization of rejection rate in metalworking manufacturing
  • Flexible automatic resetting of equipment functioning depending on stage of work
  • Numerical control machine tools monitoring (automatic registration of machine data)
  • Remote machine tool and other metalworking equipment condition diagnostics
  • Designing, working out recommended mixture proportions and computer analysis on quality of cast products in cast manufacturing
  • Software automation of raw-products accounting and final products output

However such range of options in most cases is related to the simultaneous modernization and automatization of the entire manufacturing machines fleet (about new manufacturing machine models you can also learn at the METALWORKING section of INNOPROM fair).
These days, the main trend in industrial manufacturing is using flexible manufacturing systems. It is a combination of numerical control machine tools, automated technological complexes, individual equipment items, manufacturing, transporting and supplementing modules, incorporated with information system, which provides their continuous automated functioning.

In relevant thematic section of INNOPROM.METALWORKING exposition presented:
Numerical control systems, including programmable controllers
Industrial control systems and complete control systems for modernization and automatization of a new production
Information systems for managing automated metalworking complexes
Intellectual managing systems and information CALS technologies
Hardware, computers, control and measurement systems
Software for the production managing integration with CRM systems
Managing programs preparing tools
Computer-aided design systems
Initial data converters for control system
Ready-to-use box solutions for production managing depending on filed and production type
Automatic set systems and other industrial solutions.
During the INNOPROM fair visitors will not only be able to learn about new information technologies and software products but also receive consultation from the leading experts in the field of developing software for manufacturing. Within the Business program of the fair you will learn about main trends and perspectives of managing information systems development.
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